2016 Carol Concert

This year 2016,  the concert was be back to its normal time. On the second Saturday of December at 4pm. So the 10th of December this year.


Braunson Pickle
braunston-pickleThought the nose below was knocked of in the civil war but maybe it went earlier:

Early religious royal injunctions issued by Henry VIII had merely called for objects of religious “idolatry” to be taken down, citing the words of the second commandment: “Thou shalt make thee no graven image, neither any similitude of things that are in heaven above, neither that are in the earth beneath, nor that are in the waters under the earth.”
But a more severe injunction followed after the succession of his son, Edward VI, in 1547. It called for the clergy “to take away, utterly extinct and destroy all shrines, coverings of shrines, all tables, candlesticks, trindles or rolls of wax, pictures, paintings, and all other monuments of feigned miracles, pilgrimages, idolatry, and superstition: so that there remain no memory of the same in walls, glass-windows or elsewhere within their churches or houses. And they shall exhort their parishioners to do the like within their several houses.”


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Tax Wrangles

Found this at


Yet another parish is arguing over its taxes. The hamlets of Nethercott, Sawbridge and Flecknoe disagree with the inhabitants of the deserted Medieval village of Wovencott (Wolfhamcote) over the portion of tax that each of them should pay.

The Justices of the Peace at Warwick have asked Edward Humfries and the local High Constable of Knightlow Hundred, Mr. John Clarke, who both reside in Grandborough, to hear the dispute and settle it. If they cannot do so, they are to refer the matter to the Justices at the next Sessions.

John Piper

Toby Cave asked about John Piper’s picture of the interior of the church. There is a copy in Leamington Art Gallery. I found the picture was sold in 2011 at Christies. Estimate was £50,000 to £70,000. I don’t know what it fetched but sold for £17,000 in 1999.  Toby if you read this it would be great to have your reminiscences on the site.

While googling John Piper Wolfhampcote I came across this:

Carol Concert Success 2013

Seasons greeting to everybody who participated or helped in any way with this year’s Carol Concert!

This year’s was the best attended ever with every seat taken, people in the lady chapel and the belfry and some sitting in the porch.
The donations taken on the door were down a little but with no outgoings for candles [ No, I didn’t say Fork Handles!] thanks to the generosity of Avril and Mick from the cafe boat Gongoozlers, we made £416 for the St Peters fund.
The overwhelming feedback that I’ve had since the concert is that people couldn’t hear very well especially at the back.

I’ve always been anti amplification as in the past, with smaller audiences, the acoustics of the church worked well but in recent years with the place being packed the sound is being damped down and I think that we need some speakers at the back of St. Peters. We will have to try something and I like the idea of some sort of wireless application.

We also over-ran our nominal one hour by about 20 minutes so I’ll be reminding our readers to try and keep their pieces to 3-4 minutes next year, it makes for a crisper and more enjoyable event!
Having said that, there were some excellent recitals………Well done everyone!

Finally a big thank-you to the Braunston Singers who filled in the gap left when our accompanist was unable to attend, it was literally “last minute” stuff with Jacqui and her crew improvising as the evening progressed!

See you all next year, don’t eat too much Christmas pud!

Happy Christmas to all,


Song Recital in Wolfhamcote Church – Saturday October 15th, 2011

Saturday October 15 2011
3.00 – 4.00pm
  • William Griffiths, tenor
  • Susie Allan, piano
Including the complete Beethoven Song Cycle
Tickets £8.00    Including a drink and canapés


Purchase your tickets at SeeTickets


William Griffiths is a solo tenor and a professional music teacher, who has worked with Susie Allan recently tp develop this new programme.  He has trained as a singer since childhood, including with teachers in Paris and London. As a linguist, he loves to sing the great European  repertoire of beautiful songs. He has chosen the songs for this programme to reflect both this love and the simple setting of the Church at Wolfhamcote.
Susie Allan is Professor of Accompaniment at the Royal College of Music and is a prize-winning musician , best known for her work as a vocal accompanist. She performs regularly on Radio 3, partnering well-established singers, as well as in concerts at the Wigmore Hall, the Royal Opera House and on tour. She released an acclaimed disc with the baritone Roderick Williams and gave a highly successful recital LAST year at the Gloucester Three Choirs Festival.
Wolfhamcote Church will have the benefit of soloist and accompanist for an hour of great music in this magical setting.