1656 The Antiquities of Warwickshire

The windows in Wolfhamcote church are listed in ‘The Antiquities of Warwickshire’, written by William Dugdale and published in 1656 by Thomas Warren in London.

William Dugdale, author of the Antiquities of Warwickshire

This ancient book is subtitled with ‘Illustrated from Records, Leiger-Books, Manuscripts, Charters, Evidences, Tombes and Armes: Beautified with Maps, Prospects and Portraitures:

The Antiquities of Warwickshire

In particular the windows are detailed and illustrated as shown below:

Page 206 of The Antiquities of Warwickshire

To learn more about this book and see the full contents please visit the source archive: https://archive.org/details/antiquitiesofwar00dugd/page/206

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