1549 The Will of John Good

A Translation of the Will of John Good

In the name of god amen: In the year of our lord god 1549 and upon the 8th day of the month of September I John Good of Flecknoe in the parish of Wolfhamcote whole of mind & sick in body make my will in this manner & form following:·

First I bequeath my soul unto almighty God to our blessed lady his mother & to all the holy company in heaven & my body to be buried in the churchyard of St Peters at Wolfhamcote.

I bequeath to the high altar 12d.

To Thomas my son the best cow that I have, the best calf, 10 sheep & the greatest pan

To Thomas Good the son of Richard Good the blossoms heifer of 3 years of age, a brass pot & 3s gift.

To Agnes Good A weaning calf.

To 5 daughters of Richard Good a wheat land off long meadows.

To Harry Good the son of Richard Good a wheat land off hosesladforlong, a barley land off Littleleyforlong, A peat land of brokeforlong.

To Nicholas Good, John & William to any one of them a sheep· It to John Kene Thomas & Richard a barley land off greatsell.

To William Abbatt’s children of every any one of them a sheep· It to John Abbatts my suster the blossoms heifer of 2 years of age.

To Elizabeth Fest my servant a sheep.

To Richard Brown my servant a sheep.

I give my wheat stock, one half of it to Margaret my wife the other half to Thomas & Richard my brothers & they to part it equally among their children.

To any godchild that I have 4d.

To any house within the parish at my departing 2 pennyworth of bread.

To William Good & Harry my brothers children of Frankton a horse, Foal.

The rest of my goods not bequeathed I give this whole unto Margaret my wife whom I make my whole executer & I make Master Thomas Andrews my landlord, Thomas Good & Richard my brothers to be overseers so this my will be performed witness hereof Thomas Shalte, Harry Good, William Shenston with no other & I give to Master Andrews my hand.

This is the inventory of the goods & chattels that were John Good’s of Flecknoe lately deceased praised by Thomas Letts of Flecknoe, Thomas Shalte, Richard Good and Thomas Koberby of the same town.

First in the hall

A table, a chair, the bench and a form praised at   16
A hammery praised at   20

In the Chamber:

First 2 coverlets, 3 blankets, a mattress & 2 bolsters at  10
5 pair of flaxen sheets and 5 pair of h**den sheets at  12
3 bordclothes, 3 towels and 3 pillow cases praised at    2
2 covers & 3 bedsteads  20

In the Kitchen & the Backhouse

First 2 brass pans, a little pan and 2 brass pots praised at  16
2 charchers 2 platters 3 pewter dishes praised at    4
4 saucers, 3 salt sellers, A chafy dish and 3 candlesticks praised at    2
A pipe, a pair of cupboards and a Brandyren praised at    16
3 lomys, 4 fidyleb, A kytt and a kymnell praised at    2
6 treen dishes, 3 treen platters, a dozen of trenschers, weather implements praised at     8
Tooleyther bottles, a frying pan, and a heychell praised at     7
3 scythes, 3 peat hooks, 2 pitchforks, 2 markeforks, a stadp, a sholl, an axe and a nalvoforo, a handsaw praised at    12
A ceefe, a redell. a sfotell, and a half Steyffe praised at         4
2 wenoclothes, 3 sacks at    4

In the Barns

First 6 Fcars of wheat and 12 Fcars of barley praised at 5
The peat & the hay praised at 4
A cart, a plough, 3 harrows at  16
3 mares, a colt & a foal at 3
5 oxen, 2 heifers, 3 steer bullocks praised at 4  10
l0 sheep praised at vmetks
3 hogs & 5 sows praised at    8
6 geese, 6 ducks, 8 hens and a fo cock praised at     3    3
The wood in the yard praised at    6   8

Total £24  12s   7d

Translation by Bob Houghton

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