Champing at St Peter’s reaches National News

Sunday Mirror – 7th August 2022

St Peter’s was in the national news on the 7th August with an article on champing at the church. The article by ‘champing convert’ Ed Cullinane tells of his visit to St Peter’s to see how church camping (champing) works. Whilst at the church he tried out the camping chairs and bed and confirmed they were comfy, noticing that although there is no electricity, light is supplied by battery powered candles and fairy lights.

The newspaper shows a photo of Ed relaxing on a camper bed, with book open, and gas powered kettle near by, walking boots at the ready.

The photo below was taken by Christine Sanderson (local resident and key-holder), with permission, as Ed got ready for the Sunday Mirror’s photographer.


Also in the newspaper, a second article, by John Siddle, gives some details about the Church Conservation Trust and how the Trust is helping to keep historic churches alive, with 21 churches offering champing from £49 per night per adult. Volunteers help by setting out the camp beds and equipment and then the visitors are left as key-holders for the night.

For further details on champing and to book, visit the Church Conservation Trust website.

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