Wolfhampcote’s Gospel Glastonbury

You remember that joyous energy and the music and you all singing together as a community – well you may not be as old as me so maybe yours was different – but the feeling of joy and community and the energy it brings would be the same.

The installation of our Via Beata sculpture took place on Sunday afternoon, 26th July 2022, in just such an atmosphere, led by the Gospel Singers of the New Testament Church of God in Rugby with Pastor Rowland Sunday and Rev Phil Price carrying out the Blessing of the Installation with a hundred of us singing the Gospel hymns in full voice. Our lovely old building was just full, in every way. Thanks to all and especially the Gospel choir who led us.

The Via Beata is a newly created pilgrimage walk across Central England and Wales from Lowestoft to St David’s with a destination Way Station every 10 miles or so. In the fullness of time each Way Station will have its own unique sculpture appropriate to the history and site of the building and community. Wolfhamcote’s is a sheep in wood with a carved tableau through the eye and the 23rd Psalm as its message.

All welcome to come and see the sculpture and to walk part or all of the Via Beata, which passes by the historic Church.

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